Advisor maternal and child health IHW

Integrated Health and Wellness
Cross connecting with multiple stake holders across the country for improving health and wellness of communities

About IHW Council

Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council is a not-for-profit institution engaged in the health and wellbeing of human enterprise and existence. Seven years journey of the IHW Council inspired by UN global agenda of holistic approach to Social Development Goals is a great continuous learning experience for us to help improving good health and lifestyle of people at large. The advocacy and awareness impact around Good health, Good Food, Good Water Good Air & Good Lifestyle we have created through the responsible actions of our missions involving global leaders, Countries, relevant Ministries & Government bodies, Health, environment & education policymakers, medical technology, solutions & services, infrastructure providers, researchers, academia, professionals, health enthusiasts & influencers, key stakeholders and grassroots level organizations is been a sheer passion.
‘High Five of Health’ – Good Air, Good Water, Good Food, Good Lifestyle and Good Healthcare for all, form the pillars of IHW Council’s foundation and it works towards improving access, availability, and affordability of all these critical elements of life through another ‘3A’ of awareness, advocacy, and action.
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