Key Achievement Of Dr. Hema Divakar

Medical Director Of Divakars Speciality Hospital

Division Director Of Well Woman Healthcare For Figo [Federation International Of Obgyns From 140 Countries]

National Convenor For Quality Improvement In Healthcare

National Convenor For Quality Improvement In Healthcare

State Representative For Hssc

President Association Of Healthcare Providers Karnataka

Unicef Ambassidor For Impact For Nutrition


Dr. Hema Divakar

Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Speaker & Activist

Dr. Hema currently holds an exhaustive list of important positions of great responsibility within the country as well as in Asia:
A Brief Introduction

Past President of the Largest Body of Specialist ObGyns (FOGSI)

Under her leadership, the FOGSI adopted a four-pronged approach to tackle four different issues: ABCD–Anaemia among adolescent and pregnant women; Building Contraceptive choices; Cancer cervix; and Diabetes. For instance, while 56 per cent of adolescent girls are anaemic, tackling the health issue can also reduce the MMR. Cancer cervix has reached an alarming proportion among the Indian population while diabetes has assumed an epidemic proportion in the country.

Introducing Dr Hema Divakar


What People Say About Me

Vision for the Society

Dr Hema Divakar Vision

Women's Healthcare

Providing a center for excellence in women’s healthcare in her journey through the ages – the focus is on ALL age groups, before and beyond pregnancy!

Training & Research

To do the original operational research in a pragmatic and practical manner in both rural and urban India. It is essential to differentiate between the two, for various factors have to be considered while charting out processes for…


FOGSI to be the lead organisation working towards advocating and promoting women’s health and reproductive rights using scientific evidence and following the highest ethical standards through it’s membership of committed professionals.


Menopause and Cancer awareness programmes for Women – through Television, Social Media, Women Organizations and Corporate since 10 years.

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